Welcome to Pepe’s Wine Blog 

Pepe Fundora is a certified Level II Sommelier responsible for the wine program at Casa Nuova. Join us as Pepe shares his love of wine (and food) in a series of blog posts and videos.

Josh Phelps and Steady State

Casa Nuova was pleased to present Josh Phelps with his new project Steady State. Great dinner, great wine.

Jon Priest from Etude

It was fantastic to have the always entertaining Jon Priest at our recent Etude wine makers dinner. Thanks for visiting!

Sneak Peek to Winemaking

There’s a lot that goes into making wine.  From the climate and weather that the vine undergoes all year long to the yeast that is used to ferment the wine and the holding vessel of choice.  It can be very stressful all year long with the wine maker and their team.  Here is a sneak […]

Why I Became A Sommelier

Ciao A Tutti!  My name is Pepe Fundora and I am a Level 1 Sommelier.  This is going to be one of my longest posts due to the history behind what I do what I now love.  I have worked in the restaurant business my entire life.  I remember my childhood eating Spumoni in the […]