My Mercedes & Bimmer Place Hosts Appreciation Luncheon for Sheriff’s Office

October 18th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

My Mercedes and Bimmer Place teamed with Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant to serve lunch to 125
members of the Sheriff’s Office a recent Friday in October. “There are so many times we rely on the
service of our Sheriff’s Office, we almost take them for granted. Every day, every shift, they are serving
us,” says co‐owner Danny Brewer.

Maria Fundora, of Casa Nuova, selected 5 main dishes and 2 salads for the event, and serving line
attendants dished out food, drinks and desserts from 11 am to 2 pm – to allow for the variety of shift
break times.

One customer visiting the shop during table setup suggested a 2‐sided buffet for the crowd size, but
Adrienne Donahue wouldn’t hear of it. “No, this isn’t a self‐service meal. They serve us every day –
today, we are serving them!”

In business since 2003, co‐owners Adrienne Donahue and Danny Brewer have expanded their
community involvement to express appreciation for Forsyth emergency services. The company’s
signature charitable cause is rescue dogs. Customers often share the generous open space with gentle
rescue German Shepherds under foster care and coaching as the dogs fine‐tune their people skills.

My Mercedes & Bimmer sponsored the first luncheon in 2016 for all Forsyth emergency services
personnel, but they were surprised when their guests began arriving. “Our 2016 event for both fire and
law enforcement was so successful that we now have to split them into 2 separate events. Their fire
trucks were blocking 400 at one point of last year’s event – we didn’t realize firefighters have to bring
their trucks in case they get called away suddenly,” Brewer laughs as he remembers the unexpected

This year’s October event served the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, and a separate spring event is
planned for the Fire Department (and their vehicles).

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